I gave Up My Livelihood To Raise My Autistic Child From a Boy To Man

By Dr. Kemi Olunloyo

Autism destroyed my livelihood and I survived it with education and networking while I lived 30 years in the United States and 5 in Canada. Autism STOPPED me in my tracks and I gave up everything for my child.

Enitan Robert was 5 when he was diagnosed.

By 12-16 years old, he was so violent that he almost killed me several times. My body is still covered with marks and bruises from the 90’s. I gave up my home, car, career and left for Nigeria in 2006 after 30 years. There was no support. I needed my family and others.

Parents here in Nigeria need to open up. There is a lot to know. In Nigeria, many consider Autism as a spiritual curse or unknown mental disease. It is a development disability that still has no concrete cause. We have examined the vaccines, environmental factors, genetics etc. I am here to educate Nigerians. My son Eni was mute till 14, very violent to me and items and property. It took an unplanned move to Canada to get my son the help he really needed. Nigerians need GOVERNMENT intervention like we fought for in the US congress. Many Nigerians have no idea what Autism is.

My ordeal is over. Eni is now 27 and doing well, talks, high functioning and lives independently; no longer violent and thriving. While some of these Nigerian parents think abroad, overseas is where the help is, they don’t know that is where their families could be ultimately destroyed. I am a health professional, a mother and the day they took my 3rd son away at 8yrs old is one I will not forget. They said his autistic brother was a danger to him. I hope to see my son again on my 50th birthday.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Pharm.D is News Director at HNNAfrica HipHossip News Net (“World News4Young Africans”) 

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