Calming techniques to help your child

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  • A sensory diet to include things like sensory breaks throughout the day with a quiet place to decompress; weighted vest, deep pressure massage and swinging, bouncing on the trampoline.
  • Using visual or written schedules to help them know what is going to happen during their day.
  • Epsom salts baths
  • Supplements like GABA, taurine, EFAs, B6, inositol, 5HTP, Magnesium, l-theanine and others that slow neurotransmitters.
  • Removing the offenders like food colorings and preservatives, excitotoxins like MSG and aspartame and caffeine. (link to toxins in food page)
  • Yoga
  • Cardio exercise


 Of recent there have been many cases of missing ASD adolescents. This is the time if you haven’t done so already, to take your child round and introduce him / her to your neighbours so if they see your child walking alone or unattended they will raise an alarm. Your child must have a name tag with a contact number either in their shoe, attached to their belt, in their pockets on their wrist (if they can tolerate that).  Our children easily get lost whilst travelling with their families so be extra careful and diligent.

1 in every 88 young people in America is on the Autism Spectrum; The US Embassy in Nigeria estimates the number to be 1 in every 150 young persons in Nigeria.

The numbers are scary and translate to a possible 1 million persons with ASD in Nigeria alone. To date there are no Secondary Schools in Nigeria that caters solely to the need of children with ASD; indeed there are very few primary schools even. Nigerian Universities are not equipped to cater to students with ASDs.
Persons with ASDs are in the same category with genius. In fact a person with ASD is on the flip side of genius which means they have their own unique abilities which must be nurtured in order for them to be the best they can be. There are multiple abilities in ASD

We end with a plea to law enforcement officers and our law makers in government; please learn more about Autism so that when you come into contact with a person with ASD displaying seemingly unwarranted aggression so you will be able to treat them with dignity since their only crime may be their frustration of not able to properly communicate with you. To law makers we say, parents of special needs children unlike what obtains in many parts of the world get no subsidies or pay outs from government. Caring for a child with ASD is extremely expensive and can be a life time of continuous expenses for medical and education; we humbly request that our law makers should please sponsor a Bill that will exempt parents of special needs children from paying taxes. The savings from taxes will go a long way in accommodating the expenses of a child with ASD.

If it takes a village to raise a child then it takes a whole country to raise a child with ASD; so let’s all join hands to do the very best we can.

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